Meet the 50 faces of RDA

To mark 50 years of challenging attitudes to disability, we asked 50 people from all over RDA to let us take their picture and tell their story. The resulting collection is a celebration of the brilliant, fearless and pioneering people who help to make us what we are today.

Rollercoaster-mad blogger

Meet Phoebe

Life transformed by volunteering

Meet James

Fire jumping stunt double

Meet Linda

Young eventer takes time to volunteer

Meet Josh

Brave blogger battles the bullies

Meet Bryony

From highway maintenance to inspirational coach

Meet David

Mum’s medical miracle

Meet Lily

Music fan heading for a career in radio

Meet Pranay

RDA coach fitting 40 years into 3

Meet Helen

8 time Paralympic Gold Medallist

Meet Sophie
Bailey O'Connor

Dreams of galloping through fields

Meet Bailey

First rider to become RDA Regional Chair

Meet Yolanda

Renowned jockey takes up dressage

Meet Tyrone

Pioneer of RDA in Russia

Meet Sue

Growing in confidence

Meet Shilah

“I know I can do anything”

Meet Sam

Trying to change the world … a little bit

Meet Matt

Over 100 marathons in 2 years

Meet Lesley

Learning through horses, learning for life

Meet Greg

Motorsport fanatic breaking records and breaking down barriers

Meet Colin

MS campaigner writes ‘life wi’ the Broons’

Meet Anne

Boy from The Valleys owes it all to horses

Meet Mike

World first pony trek to Everest Basecamp

Meet Max

Pioneer of riding for physiotherapy

Meet Jo

Boccia World Championship medallist

Meet Bernadette

Birthday present that changed everything

Meet Angela

Civilian rider for Household Cavalry

Meet Alex

Bolivian basketball player turned carriage driver

Meet Betty

Motorbiker who asked for arm amputation

Meet Claire

Country music-loving, trumpet-playing skier

Meet Daniel

Mounted policeman’s horse with the heart of a lion

Meet Doug

‘Hidden disability’ campaigner meets Harry & Meghan

Meet Evie

Journalist who survived a terrorist attack

Meet Giles

Success might take time – but you’ll get there in the end

Meet Jaspa

A fresh start after 4 years under section

Meet Jenny

Countryfile Farming Hero

Meet Julia

West End star

Meet Leo

Gymnastics on horseback – with no feeling in your legs

Meet Lizzie

Olympic torchbearer and mouth-painter

Meet Lorraine

East End Physio is world expert in horses as therapy

Meet Lynne

Horse racing nun and first female firefighter

Meet Mary Joy

Para Showjumper thinks in sign language

Meet Matt

Artist and blogger is Youth Ambassador for Parallel Lifestyle

Meet Monique

Oldest RDA competitor at 90

Meet Paul

Haptic technology transforms experience for deafblind rider

Meet Richard

Life changing brain surgery and ‘Scamps’ the therapy dog

Meet Sam

Nuclear exercises with NATO and a brave bucket list

Meet Sarah

Parents campaign for ‘Smile with Shiv’

Meet Shiv

Teaching you can do everything with only one hand

Meet Bo