RDA Coach of the Year a finalist in the UK Coaching Awards 2022

Kady Chatman is listed as a finalist in the category of Community Coach of the Year – Children and Young People in the prestigious UK Coaching Awards 2022. 

Kady is an RDA and Princess Royal Coach Academy (PRCA) Coach. She was recently awarded the RDA Coach of the Year Award at this year’s RDA Coaching Conference.

UK Coaching Awards bio

As a Riding for the Disabled Coach, Kady’s thorough session preparation promotes continual learning and rider development both in and away from the coaching environment.

Individually tailored pre-riding assessments and full disclosure goal-planning discussions with children, their guardians, volunteer leaders and side walkers, plus careful selection of specialised equipment and ponies, ensure safe and efficient sessions for her participants with various disabilities.

Kady builds rapport with the children and keeps sessions short and suited to their capability. She communicates with her riders’ health professionals to ensure best practice and liaises with guardians on a weekly basis. Her flexible approach and encouraging nature enable Kady to adapt sessions to accommodate any difficulty. Quick to praise progress, no matter how small, her awareness of body language with verbal and non-verbal riders is of significant benefit.

Riders on Kady’s fun programme are encouraged to contribute to session set-up and work towards proficiency awards in riding and horse care. Her inclusive ethos has introduced non-riding sessions for those unable to ride. She also trains volunteers to achieve required levels of competence.

The Awards will be announced on the 6th December at the UK Coaching Awards ceremony at The Queens Hotel in Leeds.

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Kady with a young rider and horse
Kady and participant