RDA launches consultation into ambitious 3-year strategy

RDA has today launched a consultation into its ambitious 3-year strategy, which aims to strengthen the RDA network, and see the charity grow its participant numbers from 25,000 to 35,000 by 2025 – and then to 60,000 by its 60th anniversary in 2029.

The final strategy will be launched in the Spring of 2022. Ahead of this, RDA is carrying out an organisation-wide consultation, to ensure its plans meet the needs, concerns and hopes of participants, volunteers, coaches and supporters.

Ed Bracher, Chief Executive of RDA UK says: “We know that our work has a really significant impact, not just on the physical outcomes for our riders and carriage drivers but also on things like confidence and communication. But we also know that demand massively outstrips supply and many many of you will have seen this in your own relationship with RDA, where we can’t meet the number of people who want to access our services. So that’s the problem that we need to resolve – alongside making sure that our groups have a strong and sustainable future.”

The consultation presentation is available to view on RDA’s YouTube channel, RDAnational at https://youtu.be/5JRwaASX0WY The presentation take 30 minutes to view, followed by a Survey Monkey questionnaire (link from YouTube).

“Creating a strategy like this is a complex process and it needs your input,” says Bracher.  “We are urging everyone in the RDA family to take the opportunity to have their say about our future – and create the RDA they want to see in 2029. My vision is that with our experiences and success over the last 50 years – and with the ambitious plans that we are putting together – we can continue from strength to strength.”

The consultation will be open until 1 December.