12TH – 14TH JULY 2024


The RDA National Championships takes place between the 12th – 14th July 2024 and is the biggest event in the RDA calendar. For our participants who compete, it represents the culmination of all their hard work and determination. All of this is made possible by the incredible dedication of a host of RDA volunteers and coaches, and the very generous support of all our sponsors.  

Over the 3 days, RDA’s participants compete at Hartpury’s University & College’s world-renowned facilities, taking part in classes from dressage and showjumping to carriage driving and vaulting.  

RDA’s National Championships is the biggest equestrian event of its kind for disabled competitors, featuring a jam-packed schedule and breathtaking performances, as well as opportunities to learn more about our life changing work and witness the RDA magic in action. The events will be livestreamed throughout the weekend on our Facebook and YouTube Channel.

The most inclusive equestrian event of it's kind.

  • 9Disciplines
  • 123Classes
  • 78Competing Groups
  • 715Entries
  • 3Days
Watch last year's National Championships Live Stream to get a taste of the action.
Participant is riding a chestnut pony and is escorted by a volunteer in a high vis. Both are walking down a track.

What’s on

Click here to view the program and click here to view the schedule of events.

Where to watch

All visitors and RDA members are encouraged to come and support in person at Hartpury University & College in their world-class equestrian centre in the heart of Gloucestershire.

If you can’t make it, watch the classes LIVE on our Facebook page, YouTube channel and Horse & Country.

Vaulting is an acrobatic and artistic activity which offers participants an opportunity to achieve things they may have not thought possible, on the horse or on the barrel. Vaulters can perform individually, in pairs or as a team.


Dressage is a technical challenge, where riders of all abilities can develop their skills to work in a close partnership with their horse. RDA dressage classes range from walk only to freestyle canter tests, catering also for visually impaired riders and riders with learning difficulties. 


The RDA Countryside Challenge is a course featuring various elements to challenge the rider, with different actions taking place at each point. Each obstacle on the course has a specific reason behind it, to display balance, steering, accuracy, technical knowledge, safety. 


Best Turned Out originates from military practices. The cleanliness, presentation and saddle-fit of the horse and rider are all taken into account.


Carriage Driving offers many of the same benefits as riding, including improved co-ordination and balance, relaxation through rhythmic movement, along with the freedom and experience of getting out in the open air.  A Carriage Driving competition putting the driver’s decision making, accuracy and control to the test.


RDA Endurance provides an opportunity to stretch a participants’ ability by adding in concepts of counting, equine heart rate and fitness. Rides or drives from 1km can be adapted to Group venues and each rider’s ability and even be done on a mechanical horse.


Participants are tested on their horse care knowledge. Participants develop these skills while spending quality time with horses grooming and leading, and learning valuable lessons in horse care and knowledge, and equine welfare.   


Showjumping is an exciting challenge for riders, the RDA show jumping pathway has been developed to aid the transition from pole work in preparation to jumping over raised poles and beyond.


Performance Showing is a chance for riders to show off their riding ability at their own level and to design a short individual show to suit them and their equine mount. RDA showing is not an equine beauty contest, the focus is the harmony between the rider and equine, conformation of the horse is not considered. 


A huge thank you to all our partners and supporters that help make the RDA National Championships possible.

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If you want to support RDA at next year’s Championships, please contact us corporate@rda.org.uk