Philanthropy & Major Giving

Every year, RDA UK offers therapy and fun through horses to around 20,000 disabled people, children and adults, across the UK. 

To fund our work, we rely on the generosity of the public; from children decorating and selling used horseshoes through to large family charitable trusts pledging large, multi-year gifts to help us establish new services.  

We value each and every gift.  

If you would like to discuss making a larger, personal gift (over £1,000), please contact Philippa in our Fundraising team to discuss how your gift will make a difference. For example: 


The average cost of one participant accessing RDA’s therapeutic and fun activities each year


Sponsorship of a horse at the National Training Centre. The welfare of our horses and ponies is essential to the delivery of our work. On average, each of our horses provides riding and fun experiences to 8 riders every week. 


Help us to recruit and train more volunteers. RDA is reliant on our army of 13,000 volunteers and to grow our services in future years, we’ll need even more!


Support our Safeguarding work for a year. RDA UK works with 20,000 vulnerable adults and children every year, so safeguarding is at the heart of all we do. 


Support 12 volunteer coaches through their Advanced Coach Qualification at RDA’s Princess Royal Coaching Academy.

Please contact Philippa on or 01926 962982 to discuss. 

Thank you for your consideration!