Transforming lives across the UK

Our strategic plan 2022-2025

We are delighted to present our three-year plan for strength, sustainability and growth.

Our vision

To enrich the lives of disabled people through horses.

Our mission

We strive to ensure that anyone with a disability can benefit from the unique bond between humans and horses.

Our ambition

To support an extra 10,000 people by 2025.

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Roadmap to our future

April 2022-2023
Back to strength

Aim: Build back participant numbers to pre-pandemic levels (from 17,000-25,000):

  • By supporting groups with more coaches, horses, volunteers and funding
  • Through a more local approach
  • By introducing unmounted activities that a broader range of participants can take part in
April 2023-2024
Sustainability and growth

Aim: Growth in participant numbers to 32,000 through:

  • Strengthening existing groups which have capacity to grow
  • Creating new centres delivering a wider range of RDA programmes
  • Pilot collaborations with other organisations
  • Establishing a new Regional Hub providing local support, coaching, and access to the full range of RDA programmes
April 2024-2025
Steady expansion

Aim: Growth in participant numbers to 35,000 due to:

  • A strong pipeline of horses, coaches and volunteers, enabling existing groups to offer a wider range of activities to more people
  • More referrals from social prescribing (for both participation and volunteering)
  • Expanding the network of Regional Hubs providing a range of local services and support to groups
  • Thriving partnerships with other organisations

Our six objectives

1- Growth

To support 35,000 people by providing a wider range of programmes through existing and new RDA groups as well as partnerships with other organisations.

2- Resources for RDA groups

To strengthen our groups by providing a reliable supply of the key resources and skills they need to thrive.

3- Structure

To have a robust organisational structure which supports groups and provides a framework for growth.

4- Participants & Volunteers

To ensure our diverse community of participants and volunteers are respected, valued, heard and their ideas routinely contribute to the development of our work.

5- Brand

To have a brand that is relevant to our stakeholders and which is recognised for the impact we deliver and the part we play in the nation’s health.

6- Financial sustainability

To be financially robust, with a diverse range of income streams to fund our ambitions at all levels of the organisation.

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Transforming lives across the UK

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